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Shipping or Transporting Your Puppy

~ While our strong preference is for you to pick your puppy up at the kennel or an agreed upon location within an hour's drive of the Kennel we will assist new owners in arranging transportation for their new puppy when needed. We strongly prefer ground transportation for your new puppy. They are babies and not all puppies have the confidence and temperament to fly alone, although with proper puppy selection and pre flight crate training we have shipped many with good results.  With nearly every litter of puppies we do one or two delivery runs. We will drive puppies to two or three central locations along a specified route to deliver the puppies to their new owners. We plan these routes to get as many as possible of the puppies within a couple hours of their new homes. We do charge for these deliveries and the charge depends upon the distance and time needed. On a case by case basis we will arrange air transportation if we believe the puppy is temperamentally stable enough to fly alone and if the weather conditions are safe. Our kennel is located several hours from an airport that will take puppies. We do charge mileage to deliver the puppy to the airport. All the commercial airlines require that a puppy be 8 weeks of age or older to ship the puppy.