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About Our Airedale Terrier Dogs

~~All Sugar Grove Airedales are AKC Registered. They are typically larger than the Breed Standard. Our Males are between 80 lbs. and 100 lbs. Our females are between 65lbs and 80lbs. Our dogs typically carry one or a combination of three basic bloodlines. Nearly all have Ouachita in their lineage. Several have JR Gator in their pedigree and several have High Country lines. All these lines demonstrate strong hunting abilities as well as intelligence. For our breeding program we select dogs that are intelligent, have excellent confirmation, and are emotionally stable and who are beautiful. We often save the best puppy from a litter and raise it to about 2 years of age to evaluate it for our breeding program. They do not all meet our high standards so we sometimes have those dogs for sale or adoption. We also evaluate every litter of puppies for overall quality. If a female or male is consistently not producing the overall quality we are looking for we will not continue to breed them. We retire all our females by age 7 and these girls can sometimes go to a new home although many of them live out their lives with us because we love them too much to part with them or because they emotionally cannot make the transition to a new home. One of the Airedale Characteristics that we most respect is their deep loyalty. An Airedale's bond with its family is extraordinarily strong. It is one of the traits that sets the Airedale apart from other dogs. It also makes it very difficult to re-home an Airedale. It can happen with lots of patience and love but it is not ever easy. Airedales are very adaptable. There are Sugar Grove Airedales living happily and successfully in the most remote reaches of the country and living in Apartments in very urban settings and most everything in between. They are large, highly intelligent dogs and wherever they live they will need lots of regular exercise and human interaction. A bored Airedale is not a good thing.