Our Breeding Practices

~~We are professional breeders and follow very specific breeding practices. To insure Mom is in the best possible health and the puppies will have the best start they can in life. We never breed a female before she is 2 years old. We never breed a female more than once a year and often will wait 18 months between litters. We never breed a female that is more than 8 years old. We always keep a minimum of two males and we are very careful not to breed too closely. Most of our breeding stock are dogs we have produced though not all. It is important to bring fresh bloodlines into our breeding program periodically. When we do that we spend a lot of time selecting the right high quality animal to add to our program. When we plan a breeding we take into consideration the confirmation, temperament, intelligence and lineage of both prospective parents and make our selections based on which pairing is likely to produce the highest quality puppies.


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