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Is An Airedale Terrier Right For My Family?

Take our quiz.

1-Do you have an active lifestyle?

2-Do you have time for a 20 minute brisk walk/jog twice a day?

3-Are you committed to early training of your pet by either self taught lessons or professional classes?

4-Would you be tolerant of possible natural digging instincts associated especially with young Airedales ie, "I think there is a mouse down there!!!" or "That plant looks like it's in the wrong place!!!"

5-Would you be tolerant of a pet that is strong willed and responds because of a sense of loyalty rather than a treat?

6-Are you able/willing to provide your own or professional grooming (clipping or hand stripping) 3 to 4 times a year?

7-Do you need a pet that is hypoallergenic and doesn't shed?

8-Are you looking for a pet that is able to protect family members, especially children, and property with thoughtful force rather than indiscriminate aggression?

9-Would you enjoy a dog that is expressive and loving to you but may be aloof or indifferent with other people and dogs?

10-Are you looking for a pet that may love swimming and water related games as much as most retrievers ?

If you answered yes to the majority of the questions above, an Airedale would make a nice addition to your family.  If you answered no to the majority of the questions above, you should consider another breed of dog for your family.