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About sugar grove Airedales

~~At Sugar Grove Airedales it is our mission through a well planned and executed breeding program to; Preserve and improve upon the fine foundation stock we have been fortunate to acquire over the last 10 years, to give our wonderful Airedales a happy and safe home, and to produce exceptional quality puppies that will fill their forever families lives with joy and love as only an Airedale can. At Sugar Grove we are not a backyard breeder though all our dogs are well socialized and are part of our family. We are professional breeders. We care about and breed for exceptional confirmation, health, and a stable, bold, confident temperament. Our signature aesthetic characteristics are a large square head, a beautiful coat, correct ears and a solid square physique with good bone mass. Airedales are fun, interesting and sometimes challenging dogs. They are terriers and come with that "terrier attitude" in spades. You cannot make them do much of anything but they will do most anything to please you if they want to. They are smart, thinking dogs and train easily if the relationship is right and you put in the time at the front end. The puppies we raise for our breeding program are typically housebroken within 7 days. Airedales are one of the most loyal dogs of any breed. They bond with a family unit for life. It is very difficult to re-home an Airedale because of this loyalty. Please do not go irresponsibly into Airedale ownership. Airedales take seriously their responsibility to their family. They love to tease and play and romp with their people, other people not so much. They love children and are great with them. They are usually very protective of their family and home and can be aggressive in that role. You will have to help them set their boundaries around this role. They are usually great with other dogs neither aggressive nor passive. They tend to be confident dogs and are not intimidated by other dogs but also rarely have a need to pick a fight.