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At Sugar Grove Airedales it is our mission to produce exceptional quality puppies and make sure that they become part of safe and happy homes.   Airedales are fun, interesting, and sometimes challenging dogs.  They are smart, thinking dogs and train easily if the relationship with the owner/family is right and that time is devoted to training up front.  Airedales are one of the most loyal dog breeds and bond with their family/owner for life.  If you are considering adding an Airedale to your family it is important that you research the breed and are prepared for bringing your Airedale into your home.  Airedales are not easy to re-home because they are so loyal.  If you want to see if an Airedale is right for you and your family take the following quiz:  Is An Airedale Right For My Family?  Also, on your left is a Dogs 101 video on the Airedale Terrier.  

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